Artisan Handmade In Canada Bone and Stone Inspired Jewelry

All items are handmade by myself in my little horror themed studio in Severn, Ontario, right in the heart of cottage country!  When I’m not creating, I’m out walking my pet goats, enjoying hikes in the woods around my home or hitting the snow covered roads for a winter run! Inspiration is everywhere in nature and I hope that translates to each one of my pieces. Wee, my pet goat is my brand ambassador so expect to see his smiling face popping up on the site! 

I started out originally carving bone jewelry but realised that using real bone limits my shipping options. Too many times I have found gorgeous bone pieces for myself only to be disappointed with shipping issues. So, for my own business, something needed to change! I began working with casting.

Each of my bone pieces starts with an original bone (I prefer atlas vertebrae due to the strength and beauty of the shape). My bones are all ethically sourced and a few are lucky finds from the woods of my home. I create a mould from the original then cast using pewter. From here, I can carve, patina and hang the “bone” and am free to ship anywhere in the world! I have used many atlas bones but have been lucky enough to acquire specimens to carve coyote, wolf, domestic dog, domestic cat, Fisher cat and lynx. I’m always on the lookout for more casting options so who knows what will show up next!

I’m also enamoured with natural stones so try to feature them in my works as well. I was trained in silversmithing so silver is my go to metal, though I do love adding copper and brass elements as well. My works are ever evolving so who knows where this path will lead.

Recently, I’ve been applying my sculpting skills to creating custom keepsake pet portraits in metal. I feel honoured to be able to create beautiful portraits of beloved pets both past and present, with each piece truly being a labour of love! I sculpt all different types of pets so if they have stolen your heart, contact me and let’s create a piece that you can wear close to your heart!

You can find Dogs With Horns Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram. Happy shopping and hope to hear from you soon!

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