Meet the Maker


My name is Alana Miller and I am the maker behind Dogs With Horns Jewelry. 

I create abstract wearable art and nature inspired jewelry, right here in the heart of Canadian cottage country! I am also a sculptor with a focus on pet portrait keepsakes.

My handmade creations all come together in my little horror themed studio in Severn, Ontario. When I’m not creating, I’m out walking my pet goats, enjoying hikes in the woods around my home or hitting the snow covered roads for a winter run! Inspiration is everywhere in nature and I hope that translates to each one of my pieces.

I started out originally carving bone jewelry but realised that using real bone was limiting. So, for my own business, something needed to change! I began working with casting and sculpting. Sculpting animals seemed the next obvious step as so much of my day I’m surrounded by them! I began offering pet portraits and have been honoured to sculpt so many beloved souls since.

I’m also enamoured with natural stones so try to feature them in my works as well. I was trained in silversmithing so silver is my go to metal, though I do love using copper and brass elements as well. My most recent works are abstract art jewelry in the Brutalist style, with a focus on reticulated metals and texture. Handmade goat eye cabochons feature in many of my pieces as I am fascinated by my own goats expressive faces. I am forever inspired by my herd and flock. My works are ever evolving so who knows where this path will lead.

My logo was designed based on my best buddy Wee, a jet black Nigora goat with bright blue eyes. You can spot his photos around the website and all of my critters make regular appearances on my social media so hope you will follow me there as well. The handsome “dog with horns” mugging for the photo with me above is Phil, my guard goat!

You can find Dogs With Horns Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram. Happy shopping and hope to hear from you soon!