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Dogs With Horns Jewelry

Lynx Claw U Shaped Ring Size 7

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*Will Not Tarnish

*Artisan Made

*Not Mass Produced

*Dark Patina and Silver Finish


*Worldwide Shipping

*W 4.5cm x H 6.6cm

I love big rings...the bigger the better! Lynx claw U shaped double ring design cast from genuine lynx claws (ethically sourced). Claws sit over tops of ring finger and index finger with gray band fitting under middle finger. No loops! Fits securely in place. Each set of claws features different detailing and finish so you know your claws are as unique as you are! Claws are not sharpened but feature smooth contours for a comfortable fit.

I create my claw designs using real claws and carved clay. Using this form, I make a silicone mould and then hand cast a tin bismuth alloy (lead free pewter) in the mould. Finally, I refine details and add finishes by hand.

This ring is a comfy size 7. This ring should fit snug for the wearer. To put the ring on, turn the ring so claws align above and below the finger. Slide over knuckle then turn ring so that claws hug the tops of fingers. The ring should stay in place. If it’s not comfortable, don’t force it. We don’t need any ring dramas!

Ring not your size? Check out my other listings or message me. I’ll find the perfect claws for you!